The Story of the Real Titfield Thunderbolt

Publication Date15th October 2021

Book FormatPaperback





The fascinating history of LMR 57 Lion, the real locomotive featured in the cult film 'The Titfield Thunderbolt'.
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Best known as the Titfield Thunderbolt, Lion is one of the most beloved locomotives in railway preservation – transformed from humble luggage engine to film star, this is a Cinderella story. Built in Leeds in 1838 by Todd, Kitson & Laird, Lion is the only surviving locomotive built for the pioneering Liverpool & Manchester Railway. After a mainline working life of nineteen years, Lion was sold into industrial use in 1859.

Drawing on extensive archival research and a detailed study of the original locomotive, this book explores the design and construction of Lion, as well as its career on the Liverpool & Manchester Railway and eventual preservation and restoration, including her several film roles. Finally, the question is asked ‘How much of Lion is original?’
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