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50 Finds From Cumbria



Lewes Pubs

Series: Pubs

Publication Date15th August 2016

Book FormatPaperback





A fascinating tour of Lewes' pub scene, charting the town's taverns, alehouses and watering holes, from past centuries to more recent times.
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Ever since the days when it was reconstructed as one of King Alfred’s burhs (fortified towns), Lewes has experienced a wealth of taverns, inns, alehouses, and public houses. Today the erstwhile county town of Sussex has a range of pubs that reflect this interesting, quirky, affluent yet also sometime fiercely independent and radical town.

Author Kevin Newman takes the reader on a fascinating journey through Lewes’ watering houses past and present. He explores the trivial, the unknown, the spooky, the unusual and the achievements that have taken place in the town’s pubs. He also tells of the many characters that have frequented or run Lewes’ public houses, including the pub that stands on the site of the UK’s highest death toll from an avalanche. Lewes Pubs tells many fascinating tales and will make locals and visitors alike want to visit one of the town’s taverns straight away.

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