Leeds Pubs

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Publication Date15th March 2020

Book FormatPaperback





A fascinating tour of Leeds’ pub scene, charting the city’s taverns, alehouses and watering holes, from past centuries to more recent times.
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One of the UK’s largest cities, Leeds is a major commercial, financial and cultural centre in West Yorkshire. Leeds Pubs is like a good pub: accessible, friendly and rewarding. It is an engaging guide to the best pubs in the city of Leeds and its surrounding suburbs. The book describes in detail and illustrates seventy or so of the city’s pubs, inns and bars, including some that no longer exist or have changed their use. Each pub has a unique story to tell, so the history and development of these pubs is filled with information on origins, the clientele they were built to cater for, significant events and how the pubs got their names or what their names signify. The pubs include the world-famous Whitelock’s and The Who Live at Leeds in Leeds University Refectory, the wonderful Griffin and the Scarbrough Hotel, and the many pubs run by Leeds Brewery, Tetley’s, Kirkstall Brewery, Timothy Taylor and others.

Author Paul Chrystal presents an informative practical guide for anyone strolling in and around Leeds who wants to learn some local history in the most convivial of ways.
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