Katharine of Aragon

Katharine of Aragon

Living in Squares, Loving in Triangles

Living in Squares, Loving in Triangles

Kill the Queen!

The Eight Assassination Attempts on Queen Victoria

Publication Date15th May 2012

Book FormatPaperback





An account of the eight assassination attempts on the life of Queen Victoria.
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Queen Victoria was our longest reigning monarch, a symbol of Britain's great age of power and imperialism. But her life could so easily have been cut short. Just three years after she ascended to the throne, a humble 'pot-boy' fired a brace of pistols at her from just six paces away. She escaped unharmed, but amazingly there were seven further attacks or attempts on her life over the next forty-seven years. The perpetrators were a mixture of madmen, attention-seekers, and fiends: the unemployed carpenter who ended up transported to the hell of a labour camp in Van Dieman's Land; the midget newsvendor who eventually took his own life; the army officer who dressed as a dandy; the disaffected artist, and the Fenian terrorists. Through it all there is Victoria; how she coped with the fear and became a symbol of resolve and determination. Each chapter of this book captures the drama of the attack and uncovers the would-be assassin's motives, describing their lives up to that point, their trial and sentence, and what became of them afterwards. Extensive original research in England and Australia has uncovered a mass of new and previously unpublished detail that makes for an absorbing read.

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