Kent at War

Series: At War

Publication Date15th August 2019

Book FormatPaperback





This fascinating book documents the impact of the First World War on the people of Kent, using a selection of primary sources and contemporary photographs.
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Kent has a long and illustrious military history dating back to the Roman occupation but the first great conflict of the twentieth century brought the horrors of war to a new generation. Thousands of the county’s finest young men were sent off to fight in battlefields around the world including Europe’s Western Front, which was less than a day’s travel from Kent. Because of its proximity to this major war zone, Kent came to play a pivotal role in the conflict. The ports of Dover and Folkestone were the main staging posts for the British Expeditionary Force and the primary points of arrival for the thousands of wounded servicemen being repatriated from the Front. Its hospitals cared for the wounded and its munitions factories produced the armaments needed to fight the war.

The county’s geographical position also made it a prime target for German air raids and naval bombardments, which brought the terrors of modern war to the civilian population for the first time.

Kent at War tells the remarkable story of the First World War as it unfolded and affected the county and its people.

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