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Joan of Arc and 'The Great Pity of the Land of France'

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Author: Moya Longstaffe

Joan of Arc’s life and death mark a turning point in the destiny both of France and England and the history of their monarchies. ‘It is a great shame,’ wrote Étienne Pasquier in the late sixteenth century, ‘for no one ever came to the help of France so opportunely and with such success as that girl, and never was the memory of a woman so torn to shreds.’

Biographers have crossed swords furiously about her inspiration, each according to the personal conviction of the writer. As Moya Longstaffe points out: ‘She has been claimed as an icon by zealous combatants of every shade of opinion, clericals, anticlericals, nationalists, republicans, socialists, conspiracy theorists, feminists, yesterday’s communists, today’s Front National, everyone with a need for a figurehead. As George Bernard Shaw said, in the prologue to his play, “The question raised by Joan’s burning is a burning question still.”’

By returning to the original sources and employing her expertise in languages, the author brings La Pucelle alive and does not duck the most difficult question: was she deluded, unbalanced, fraudulent ‒ or indeed a great visionary, to be compared to Catherine of Siena or Francis of Assisi?

Book ISBN 9781445673042

Book Format Hardback

pages 424 pages

Publication Date 15 Oct 2017

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excellentReview by Sean
A thoroughly researched account of Joan of Arc's life. The excellent use of contemporary sources is fascinating and adds immense interest to the book. Joan of Arc comes alive in its pages. The book will be of interest not just to scholars of French history but also to many general readers as well. (Posted on 10/04/2018)

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