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Isle of Wight's Military Heritage

Kent Murders & Misdemeanours

Kent Murders & Misdemeanours

Jarrow Reflections

Series: Reflections

Publication Date15th March 2025

Book FormatPaperback





A fascinating collection of merged historic and modern images that reflect the changes in Jarrow through the decades.
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Jarrow’s early history is associated with its mediaeval monastery, home of the Anglo-Saxon scholar Bede, but much of the town developed later, during the Industrial Revolution, when coal mining and ship building became the dominant industries in the area. The closure of Palmer’s shipyard in the 1930s dealt a serious blow to the town’s prosperity but by the start of the Second World War new industries opened in the town: a ship-breaking yard, an engineering works and a steelworks. The docks have been largely filled in after the last shipyard closed in the 1980s and the town has been redeveloped in recent decades.

Jarrow Reflections features an exciting collection of historic and modern pictures that are individually merged to reveal how the area has changed over the decades. The 180 pictures in this book combine a recent colour view of Jarrow with the matching sepia archive scene. Through the split-image effect, readers can see how streets, buildings and everyday life have transformed with the passing of time. Local author Paul Perry presents this fascinating visual chronicle that ingeniously reflects past and present glimpses of Jarrow.

This book will be of interest to residents, visitors, local historians and all those with links to the area.

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