In & Around York District Through Time

In & Around York District Through Time

In Bed with the Tudors

In Bed with the Tudors

In Bed with Anne Boleyn

A Novel

Publication Date15th July 2014

Book FormatPaperback





Anne Boleyn is tempted into treason and open adultery in an effort to save herself and her dynasty.
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Thomas Cromwell, the king’s Principal Secretary, Mark Smeaton, court songster and musician, and Henry VIII are all caught up in Anne Boleyn’s catastrophic fall from power and grisly death.

Anne is the supreme opposite of the king’s first wife, Katherine, who dutifully washed her husband’s shirts, never complained about his lovers, and rarely expressed an opinion but concealed behind a mantle of piousness the pride of a Spaniard.

In contrast, Anne Boleyn possesses only two attributes that help her secure a crown – extraordinary perseverance and almost indecent ambition. Her other qualities – her nagging determination to have her own way, her cruelty and her dangerous lack of decorum – all spell disaster that no amount of sex appeal can avoid. The very steps she takes to save herself from her inability to supply the king with a male heir seal her fate. This is historical fiction wedded to historical reality at its best.

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