Guildford Through Time Revised Edition

Guildford Through Time Revised Edition

Lincolnshire Signal Boxes

Lincolnshire Signal Boxes

In and Around Ladywood Through Time Revised Edition

Series: Through Time Revised Edition

Publication Date15th June 2015

Book FormatPaperback





The fascinating history of Ladywood illustrated through old and modern pictures in a fully updated edition.
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Modern Ladywood, with its high-and low-rise housing, dual carriageways, open green spaces and trees on nearly every street corner, bears no resemblance to the old Ladywood many generations experienced. Working-class, back-to-back courtyards with terraced houses fronting them were erected alongside factories from the 1840s. They were built on either side of a canal and railway that cut through the middle of Ladywood.

Following Ladywood’s redevelopment in the 1960s, only the canal, railway and a handful of the original buildings remain. Over time the whole population of Ladywood was moved; some remained local, others moved out. Now, through the medium of photography, the differences and similarities between Ladywood of past and present can be explored in this fully updated edition of In and Around Ladywood Through Time.

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