Hoards from Wiltshire

Publication Date15th July 2021

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The Finds Liason Officer for Wiltshire documents some of the incredible hoards discovered in the county.
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For thousands of years, the landscape of Wiltshire has played host to carefully concealed hoards of material wealth; from tools to weapons, jewellery to money. Over the last two hundred years, the discoveries of these previously hidden treasures have led to the rewriting of our understanding of this country and the people who lived in it.

In this book, archaeologist Richard Henry examines ten of the most significant of these hoards. Through considering these finds in relation to their landscape context and scientific analysis, it is clear these items have much to tell us - from medieval silver coins that reflect the battle for power during the Anarchy (1135–1153), to Roman saucepans and wine strainers that may suggest ritual consumption at tribal boundaries.

Hoards from Wiltshire explores the types of objects hidden away and the motivations for doing so, deepening our understanding of the people who used and deposited them as well as the history of the county as a whole.
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