'We Have a Library in Mind'

'We Have a Library in Mind'

Hitler's Forgotten Field Marshall

The Life and Campaigns of General Hermann Balck

Publication Date15th October 2025

Book FormatHardback





Hermann Balck should be as famous as Rommel - his ruthless generalship was a major factor in stalling the Soviet advance in 1942/3. He was awarded the Knight’s Cross, but has been overlooked by historians. This is the first in-depth examination of him.
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Before the Second World War ended the British were interviewing captured German general staff officers at Trent Park. Large numbers of General staff offices from all arms were interrogated – many relished their chance to portray their roles as successful commanders and most offered their memoirs and knowledge willingly. There was one exception.

General of Panzer Troops Hermann Balck refused to contribute to this process, yet Balck was one of the foremost successful German commanders of the Second World War. He served on almost all fronts but was most feared by Soviet Commanders on the Eastern Front, who saw him as the adversary most likely to end their careers. Balck stayed under the radar and little has been written about him, but in the early years of the war he was one of the commanders in whom Hitler confided and trusted the most. He was awarded the Knights Cross with Oak Leaves, Swords and Diamonds – one of only twenty-seven recipients of this award under the Third Reich. Balck knew how to win battles and prolonged the war on the Eastern Front by beating the Russian forces time and again, yet he is the forgotten man. He was forgotten by history and eventually forgotten by Hitler, who failed to promote him to Field Marshal.

Hitler’s Forgotten Field Marshal puts Hermann Balck in the spotlight and examines his life as a German officer of the highest quality. This book also examines the tactical measures peculiar to Balck’s defence of the Reich, as well as his views on Hitler, the High Command and leadership. It also explores Balck’s reasoning as to why Germany lost the Second World War.

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