Historic England: Sussex

Unique Images from the Archives of Historic England

Series: Historic England

Publication Date15th June 2019

Book FormatPaperback





A journey across Sussex and through time, from 1850 to the present day, using photographs from the prestigious Historic England Archive.
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This illustrated history portrays one of England’s finest counties. It provides a nostalgic look at Sussex’s past and highlights the special character of some of its most important historic sites.

The photographs are taken from the Historic England Archive, a unique collection of over 12 million photographs, drawings, plans and documents covering England’s archaeology, architecture, social and local history. Pictures date from the earliest days of photography to the present and cover subjects from Bronze Age burials and medieval churches to cinemas and seaside resorts.

Sussex has been an Iron Age, Saxon, Viking and Norman battleground, gateway to England for invaders and home to monarchs, aristocrats, writers, painters and photographers. Since the 1750s it has also been the leading destination of those seeking coastal contentment or a rural retreat. Boasting a backbone of 70 miles of the South Downs, beautiful beaches and thriving resorts, the county maintains a warm place in many British hearts. In Historic England: Sussex, Brighton-born author Kevin Newman journeys through the county’s past, showing the history of this beautiful part of England.

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