Historic England: Brighton & Hove

Unique Images from the Archives of Historic England

Series: Historic England

Publication Date15th October 2019

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A richly illustrated history of Brighton and Hove using photographs from the prestigious Historic England Archive.
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This illustrated history portrays one of England’s finest cities. It provides a nostalgic look at Brighton and Hove’s past and highlights the special character of some of its most important historic sites.

The photographs are taken from the Historic England Archive, a unique collection of over 12 million photographs, drawings, plans and documents covering England’s archaeology, architecture, social and local history. Pictures date from the earliest days of photography to the present and cover subjects from Bronze Age burials and medieval churches to cinemas and seaside resorts.

Brighton and Hove may only have been combined as a city since the turn of the millennium, but it is one of the country’s most famous locations. Brighton and Hove have grown from their early days as small fishing and farming settlements to become the country’s premier seaside resort, and the historic journey experienced by these two is what brings many of the near 11 million visitors the city welcomes each year. In Historic England: Brighton & Hove, Brighton-born author Kevin Newman explores the places to play, stay, live, love, work and learn in the city. The reader is presented with a visual selection of the history of this most vibrant, cultural, cosmopolitan and eccentric city, presenting a fascinating look at Brighton and Hove’s past.
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