Lichfield in 50 Buildings

Lichfield in 50 Buildings

The Six Wives & Many Mistresses of Henry VIII

The Six Wives & Many Mistresses of Henry VIII

Hill-Forts of the Cotswolds

Publication Date15th October 2016

Book FormatPaperback





Explores Gloucestershire's fascinating hill-forts.
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Hill-forts are magnificent enclosures that were built around the late Bronze Age and Iron Age (c. 700–100 BC). There were many designs built and positions that these structures were situated, and many interpretations as to why. There are many forts located in Gloucestershire and nearby areas, with some great earthworks still clearly visible in today’s landscape.

Hill-Forts of the Cotswolds give a detailed background to these monuments, such as how they were structured, what materials were used to build them and the different defences built to protect the sites. Highlighting some of the interpretations from historians as to their original purpose, hand-drawn illustrations, maps and photographs are utilised to give a fascinating overview of the area. It then gives an A–Z guide to each of the thirty-four known enclosures in the Gloucestershire area, with information on location, height above sea level, positioning and shape, as well as my personal interpretation of each site, and what can be seen when visiting these areas.

I hope this book will encourage others to explore and learn more about these fantastic monuments, and their remains which can be still seen standing today.

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