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Haunted London

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Haunted Wales

Haunted Pubs, Inns and Hotels of Derbyshire

Series: Haunted

Publication Date15th June 2011

Book FormatPaperback





A spine-chilling, spooky tour of Derbyshire's pubs, hotels and hostelries, frequented by guests from this world as well as the next.
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Haunted Pubs, Inns & Hotels of Derbyshire takes you on a spookily paranormal pub crawl with a difference. Whether it's to a scenic country pub, a traditional old coaching inn or a more modern establishment, these are the places where people have seen ghosts, heard them, smelt them and - most frightening of all - felt them. We delve deep into the mysterious phenomena that have baffled investigators, and terrified landlords, cleaners and customers for years. Here the hidden secrets behind these strange goings-on are explored and revealed in chilling detail. Some tales will leave you shocked and shaken, while others are as entertaining as they are bewildering. History, folk memory, anecdote and eyewitness evidence are all pieced together in these eerie and evocative true stories. We stop off at old coaching inns, pubs and alehouses, encountering spectral highwaymen, monks, Cavaliers and Roman soldiers. We uncover the ghostly fate of serving wenches, old regulars, heartbroken maids and murder victims. We find hotel rooms haunted by benevolent, playful and curious spirits as well as plagued by poltergeist activity. Jill Armitage invites you to join her on this journey and share in her fascination for the strange and spooky. Haunted Pubs, Inns & Hotels of Derbyshire will surely delight and frighten in equal measure.

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