Churchill and Malta's War 1939-1943

Churchill and Malta's War

Breaker Morant

Breaker Morant

Harpenden The Postcard Collection

Series: The Postcard Collection

Publication Date15th August 2016

Book FormatPaperback





Beautiful postcards capture old Harpenden in all its glory.
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Harpenden: The Postcard Collection depicts a vibrant selection of over 170 images captured during the first half of the twentieth century by a small but dedicated group of photographers, who recorded for posterity the copious views of this picturesque village and the immediate surrounding area. Without their undisputed commitment and enthusiasm, much of the delightful pictorial history of yesteryear would have been lost forever.

Memories abound as the reader is given a fascinating insight during the time that this rustic Hertfordshire village gradually developed from its early agricultural beginnings into the small, bustling commuter town that we know today. We remember long-gone features such as the Cock Pond in the High Street where cattle once drank their fill, the old blacksmith’s forge and the Silver Cup Pond on the Common where generations of children paddled or sailed a toy yacht. This book will surely appeal to anyone interested in picture postcards and the nostalgic history of this charming town.

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