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The King Who Fell at Hastings

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Harold Godwinson, King of England, was unable to defend his realm from William the Conqueror's invading Norman army in 1066. The Normans wreaked havoc across the country and changed the history of England forever.

1066 marked the end of the Anglo-Saxon era of home-grown rulers since the time of Alfred the Great. This book is the first full-scale biography of England's last Anglo-Saxon king. He was an astute political operator who, as Earl of Wessex, won the affection of the English people and the support of Edward the Confessor to succeed him. Peter Rex tells the story of a formidable warrior-king killed in battle in defence of his kingdom.

The Battle of Hastings could have gone either way, and had the fatal arrow missed Harolds eye, England would be a quite different place today.

Book ISBN 9781445657219

Book Format Paperback

pages 288 pages

Publication Date 15 Apr 2017

Height 198

Width 164

Illustrations None

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