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Sittingbourne The Postcard Collection

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Hampshire Traction

Publication Date15th October 2016

Book FormatPaperback





Explores the fascinating world of Hampshire traction.
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Geographically almost in the centre of Hampshire is Eastleigh, which has been the beating heart of railways in the county since 1891 and although no longer in its heyday the works still have a vital role to play. To the south is the port of Southampton which provides the railway with plenty of freight traffic from the port and to the east is Portsmouth which provides the fastest route to the Isle of Wight from London and is the second of the two main rail arteries in Hampshire that provide London with thousands of daily commuters.

This book illustrates the history of modern diesel and electric traction in Hampshire over recent decades. Over time, the corporate designs of British Rail gave way to a kaleidoscope of colour with the creation of Network South East then the sectorisation of British Rail and eventually the privatisation era emerged, with its multitude of colours. New classes of locomotives and multiple units appeared during this time as the ubiquitous slam doors gave way to safer and more comfortable designs. While the slam doors and traditional locomotive hauled formations may have passed into history the county still has a wealth of interest for anyone with an interest in railways.
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