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Great Tales from British History: The Downfall of Anne Boleyn

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British history is rich in enthralling stories: pivotal moments that changed the future of the country; moments of drama, suspense, intrigue. Dive right into the heart of the dramatic downfall of Anne Boleyn, the second wife of Henry VIII.

The queen’s abomination, both in inconvenient living and other offences towards the king’s highness was so rank and common that her ladies of her privy chamber and her chamberers could not contain it within their breasts.

From Anne’s rivalry with Jane Seymour, to her last days and her execution, this account captures the moments at the very heart of Anne’s fall from favour. Plunging the reader into the middle of the story, this is narrative history at its most evocative and readable. Charting the events leading up to Anne’s death through accounts of several members of the Tudor court, P. Friedmann is able to build up a picture of Anne’s final days.

Book ISBN 9781445644660

Book Format Paperback

pages 128 pages

Publication Date 15 Feb 2015

Height 198

Width 124

Illustrations 20

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