A-Z of Gloucester

A-Z of Gloucester

Gloucester: A Potted History

Series: A Potted History

Publication Date15th January 2050

Book FormatPaperback





An accessible history of Gloucester from prehistory to the present day highlighting the city’s significant events and people.
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Gloucester is one of England’s most historic cities; in Roman times it was one of Britain’s most important. In ‘Gloucester: A Potted History’, local author Roger Smith celebrates the city’s rich history from prehistory to the present day and focuses on the significant events, social movements and people that have shaped its identity.

The book explores subjects including the reason for the city being situated where it is, how its street layout evolved, the notable buildings and structures that were key to its development and how water-borne and rail transport played an important part in Gloucester’s growth. Notable events that have given the city its identity are highlighted, from the ancient Britons, the establishment of a Roman fort, revival of the city’s fortunes under the Anglo-Saxons, and destruction of the city by the Danes. The Middle Ages saw William the Conqueror initiate the Domesday Book whilst on a visit to the city, the coronation of Henry III and burial of Edward II in the Cathedral, and the Siege of Gloucester marked a turning point in the English Civil War. Trade and industry has often been at the forefront of the city’s fortunes, exemplified by products ranging from matches and toys, railway wagons and aircraft to the birthplace of the vacuum cleaner and the factory that produced presses used in building the supersonic airliner Concorde.

Illustrated throughout, this accessible and informative portrait highlights the wealth of Gloucester’s history and will appeal to residents and visitors alike.

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