German and Austro-Hungarian Aircraft Manufacturers 1908-1918

German and Austro-Hungarian Aircraft Manufacturers 1908-1918

Getting Yesterday Right

Getting Yesterday Right

German Infantry Weapons of the Second World War

The War Machines

Series: The War Machines

Publication Date15th August 2014

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This fascinating in-depth dossier on the German infantry weapons, ranging from the legendary Lugar pistol to the anti-tank guns and howitzers, is based on classified military intelligence reports published during the Second World War.
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This fascinating in-depth dossier is based on classified wartime reports issued by the US Military Intelligence Services, and examines the main weapon types – pistols, rifles, grenades, machine guns and mortars as well as anti-tank guns and infantry howitzers.

The equipment of the German Army in 1939 reflected the High Command’s policy of having the smallest variety of weapon types consistent with meeting operational requirements. Initially the emphasis was on developing only selected types for mass production. As the battle fronts widened and the theatres of operations became more varied, they were forced to increase the variety of their weapons. Detailed descriptions and specifications are accompanied by diagrams and photographs to provide an invaluable resource on Germany’s infantry weapons.

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