Georgian London

Georgian London

German Infantry Weapons of the Second World War

German Infantry Weapons of the Second World War

German and Austro-Hungarian Aircraft Manufacturers 1908-1918

Publication Date15th December 2010

Book FormatPaperback





Profusely illustrated history of German and Austrian Aircraft of the First World War.
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Much has been written about the British aircraft of the First World War, but little has surfaced about the aircraft of the Axis powers, Germany and Austria. Here, Terry C. Treadwell tells the story of the aircraft from companies such as Fokker, builder of the famous triplane, as fl own by Baron von Richthofen's Flying Circus, AEG, Albatros, Junkers and Hansa. From reconnaissance aircraft to state-of-the-art bombers that could reach London, this is the definitive guide to aircraft of the Axis powers during the First World War. The aircraft are explained in detail and a history of each company is provided, making this an excellent source book for aircraft enthusiasts, model makers and those interested in the air war over the trenches of France and Belgium, as well as further afield in the Italian campaign.

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