What's on the Grille?

What's on the Grille?

Forgotten Rootes

The Unsung Sporting Cars of the Rootes Group

Publication Date15th August 2023

Book FormatPaperback





Motoring historian Michael Burgess explores this forgotten chapter in the history of the iconic Rootes Group.
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The sporting cars produced by the Rootes Group have somehow slipped from popular memory. Some will remember the Sunbeam Alpine, but few seem to recall the contemporary Sunbeam Rapier saloon or the fastback that succeeded it. The Hillman sporting models are even less remembered. The Hillman Avenger saloons became Group One Racing champions and British Touring Car champions. The humble Hillman Imp was part of their rally team and there was a sporting Singer Coupe version. A Hillman Hunter Saloon went on to win a London–Sydney marathon rally, and the luxury Humber model inherited its sporting mechanics.

The last gasp of the Rootes Group sporting range was the Sunbeam hatchback of the 1980s, which gave birth to a sporting GLS, a Webber-fitted and spoilered Ti and finally a Lotus-powered version that went on to win the RAC rally championship.

This book sets the record straight and celebrates these worthy, but often sadly forgotten, vehicles.

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