Eyewitness Accounts Battles of The Crimean War

Eyewitness Accounts Battles of The Crimean War

Eyewitness Accounts I Was a Kamikaze

Eyewitness Accounts I Was a Kamikaze

Eyewitness Accounts Diary of a Nursing Sister

Series: Eyewitness Accounts

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Publication Date15th October 2014

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The latest title in Amberley’s new series of Eyewitness Accounts bringing history, warfare, disaster, travel and exploration to life, written by people who could say, ‘I was there!’ This book was originally published anonymously during wartime, but today most sources attribute the diary to Kathleen Luard, a nurse in France in 1914-15.
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By the time of the First World War, nursing had become vital. The quality of medical care available to British soldiers had improved immeasurably since the days of Florence Nightingale. This classic diary, written by an anonymous nurse, is an essential account of the Great War from an unusual female perspective.

Through the pages of her carefully-kept diary we follow the author’s experiences on the Western Front as she cared for the wounded. Much of her time was spent on the ambulance trains that collected the wounded from the front line and in Field Ambulance stations, bringing a vivid immediacy to her interactions with the wounded soldiers. In her diary she faithfully recounts her own everyday experiences of war, as well as those of the men whose lives she saved behind the scenes of the deadly battles at the front line.

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