Eyewitness Accounts Battles of The Crimean War

Eyewitness Accounts Battles of The Crimean War

Eyewitness Accounts At Sea with Pirates

Series: Eyewitness Accounts

Publication Date15th September 2014

Book FormatPaperback





The classic account of life on the ocean wave
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William Dampier – buccaneer, journalist, naturalist and explorer – once shocked and delighted the literary world with the scarcely credible tales of his voyages. These were produced from his own meticulous journals, miraculously preserved through years of adventures on the high seas. When not detailing the exploits of the bickering band of pirates with whom he sailed he provided startlingly clear descriptions of the lands, people and wildlife he encountered, many of which had never been heard of by his seventeenth-century readers.

This edition includes some of William Dampier’s most memorable exploits, selected from his wildly popular A New Voyage Around the World. The resulting collection is a fascinating insight into both the Golden Age of Piracy and the Age of Discovery.

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