Buses and Trams Around Leeds

Buses and Trams Around Leeds

Going Underground: The Black Country

Going Underground: The Black Country

European Coaches in Britain

Publication Date15th November 2024

Book FormatPaperback





Explore a fascinating photographic record of European coaches visiting Britain from the 1970s onwards.
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Nowadays, the European coach market is dominated by a few manufacturers whose products are sold throughout the continent and beyond. It wasn’t always like this. From the end of the Second World War until the late 1960s, virtually all buses and coaches bought by British operators were British made. Until the 1960s, it was rare for European coaches to enter Britain. However, the introduction of Roll-on, Roll-off car ferries changed all that, and later the opening of the Channel Tunnel offered another rail-based route from the Continent to Britain.

Lavishly illustrated throughout, this book looks at European-owned tourist coaches visiting Britain from 1970s onwards; British and European-owned coaches on scheduled international services; and the early days of European chassis or bodywork with British operators.

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