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Wiltshire's Military Heritage

Essex's Military Heritage

Series: Military Heritage

Publication Date15th April 2023

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Explore Essex's local military heritage, from Roman times to the present day, in this illustrated guide.
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Few counties can rival Essex’s extensive and varied military history. The battles fought in Essex, and by its servicemen and women overseas, have not only shaped the history of the county but have directly influenced the course of British and world history. In Essex’s Military Heritage, Adam Culling explores 2,000 years of the county’s military history, beginning with Boudicca’s attack on Roman Colchester then moving on to frontline battles between the Anglo-Saxons and Viking raiders, medieval and Civil War sieges and beyond.

Throughout Essex no better connection to its military past is more present than the physical evidence that remains. Norman castles, Tudor and Victorian forts, coastal and inland defences and the RAF and US Army Air Force airfields from the Second World War are a few reminders of Essex’s military past. From the largest war memorial in the county in Colchester’s Castle Park to commemorative stained-glass windows in village churches, peculiar, intriguing and moving memorials of military sacrifices are ever present throughout Essex.

From the Crimean War to the present day, Essex has been the home to many military units. None are more significant than the Essex Regiment who, along with their predecessors, fought bravely in conflicts all around the world. Munitions factories and wartime manufacturing, gallant and distinguished conduct, Zeppelin crash sites, requisitioned stately homes and ‘secret’ nuclear bunkers, this book provides a fascinating insight into the events, people and places that represent Essex’s military heritage.

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