England's Queens From Catherine of Aragon to Elizabeth II

England's Queens From Catherine of Aragon to Elizabeth II

The English Resistance

The English Resistance

English Electric Class 40, 50 & 55 Diesel Locomotives

The Amberley Railway Archive Volume 1

Series: The Amberley Railway Archive

Publication Date15th April 2014

Book FormatPaperback





In this superb collection of colour photographs Martin Hart records the iconic 1960s diesels built by English Electric. This is the first volume in the Amberley Railway Archive series.
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English Electric produced a wide variety of products ranging from the Lightning interceptor jet to everyday consumer electronics, but in the railway world the company is best known for its classic British Rail diesels built in the late 1950s and the 1960s. The most powerful examples of these were the English Electric Type 4 (BR Class 40), the English Electric Type 4 Co-Co (BR Class 50) and most famously the English Electric Type 5 (BR Class 55 'Deltic'). In the post-steam age these large diesels have won a place in the hearts of a new generation of railway enthusiasts and today there is a thriving diesel preservation movement with many examples operating across the UK. Martin Hart began photographing diesels in the late-1970s and since then has built up an exceptional portfolio of stunning railway images. A collection of the surviving examples of all three types of these photogenic English Electrics are shown in this publication both in fully working order as well as those still under long-term restoration.

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