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Plymouth at Work

People and Industries Through the Years

Series: At Work

Publication Date15th September 2019

Book FormatPaperback





Plymouth at Work is a fascinating pictorial history of the working life of the Devon city of Plymouth in the last hundred and more years.
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The city of Plymouth, on the south coast of Devon, has been a maritime settlement since its earliest days. A trading port in Roman and Saxon times, fishing and boatbuilding have also been mainstays of the local industry for centuries. The original town of Plymouth was historically the commercial shipping and passenger port - the Pilgrim Fathers left for the Americas from Plymouth in 1620 - and the neighbouring town of Devonport, which has now merged with Plymouth, has been associated with the Royal Navy for the last three centuries. This era saw a massive rise in the dockyard, probably peaking during the Second World War when it became the target for heavy aerial bombardment. Although it is now in decline, Devonport Dockyard is still a major naval shipyard and the only naval base in Britain that refits nuclear submarines.

Today, although many of the traditional industries have declined or closed, Plymouth is home to severalhigh-tech industries, including Plessey Semiconductors. Plymouth at Work explores the working life of this city in Devon and its people, and the industries that have characterised it. This book will appeal to all those with an interest in the history of this city.

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