Central London Buses 1967-1987

Central London Buses 1967-1987

Bus Dealers and Breakers of Yorkshire

Bus Dealers and Breakers of Yorkshire

Alvis Cars in Competition

Publication Date15th May 2018

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An illustrated look at Alvis cars to mark the company's centennial year, through cars from 1919 to the 1960s.
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The forefather of Alvis, T. G. John & Co. Ltd, was founded in 1919 by Thomas George John and became the Alvis Car & Engineering Company Ltd in December 1921. The company’s first production car, the Alvis 10/30, was introduced in 1920 and helped establish a reputation for quality workmanship and high performance for which Alvis would later become famous.

A model line up of both touring and competition cars followed the 10/30 with the most notable being the 12/50, which was extremely competent in both roles. The prewar models were preferred for competition due to their simplicity and ease of tuning. Car production was suspended during the Second World War as Alvis contributed to the war effort with aero engines, military vehicles, munitions handling mechanisation and medical equipment. After the Second World War, Alvis produced many fine touring cars until manufacture ceased in 1967.

In this book, Clive Taylor, a member of the Alvis Owner Club, in co-operation with the Club celebrates both the centennial year of Alvis cars in 2019 and some of the cars that featured in its fine competition history. With images and information from Alvis owners, this is both an informative book and a wonderful tribute for the company’s centennial.
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