An Illustrated Introduction to the Second World War

An Illustrated Introduction to the Second World War

Lancaster Manual 1943

Lancaster Manual 1943

Jake Wardrop's Diary

A Tank Regiment Sergeant's Story

Publication Date15th November 2009

Book FormatPaperback





A gritty, true-life story of brutal tank warfare in the Second World War.
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The personal story of a British tank sergeant's war, from the fall of France in 1940, through the bloody campaigns against Rommel's forces in North Africa, the hard-fought drive up Italy, D-Day and the battles for France and the low countries, and the invasion of the German heartland itself. George Forty, himself a veteran of the Korean War, uses Jake Wardrop's war diary as the basis for this first-hand tale of bravery. For the first time in its entirety, Jack Wardrop's tale is told, from defeat in 1940 to ultimate victory in 1945. Sadly, despite his bravery, Jake Wardrop was killed in action during the dying days of the war. His diary is a reminder of the vicious fighting his, and the other tanks of 5 Royal Tank Regiment, took part in and it gives a unique personal insight into the Second World War. Wardrop's detailed record of each battle and action was compiled at the time and it has long remained in the possession of his mother, who was sent extracts from time to time as the war progressed. His diary serves as an exciting battlefield record of 5RTR.

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