Harley Davidson WLA Manual 1944

Harley Davidson WLA Manual 1944

Home Guard Humour

Home Guard Humour

Hitler's English Girlfriend

The Story of Unity Mitford

Publication Date15th September 2012

Book FormatPaperback





The story of the English girl who turned into Hitler's most unlikely intimate friend
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A free-spirited rebel from the start, Unity will do and say just about anything to get herself in trouble. She's different, an outsider. In Adolf Hitler, she finds her idol of nonconformity. But soon her mind is also brainwashed by his racist ideology. She becomes obsessed with seeking to win his love, and she wants to make her native England and his Germany become as one to prevent another world war. If she can achieve these goals, she will be the happiest woman in the world. If not, she plans to end her life. Basing his account on the known facts, David Rehak tells the shocking story of Unity Mitford, an English girl who turned into Hitler's most beloved groupie and most unlikely intimate friend. Through Rehak's compelling narrative, we learn about a truly strange and fascinating young girl and her extraordinary relationship with perhaps the most evil and mysterious man in world history.

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