Devon at War Through Time

Devon at War Through Time

Duxford 1940

Duxford 1940

Doodlebugs, Gas Masks & Gum

Children's Voices from the Second World War

Publication Date15th December 2012

Book FormatPaperback





Wartime Britain through the eyes of children who were there.
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Throughout six years of conflict, beginning 3 September1939, military manoeuvres, bombs and exhortations to greater dedication to the War Effort became the normality for children. For the young, this was a time of great excitement. Imagine the thrill of Anderson Shelters built in back gardens, concrete blocks and barbed-wire sprouting on beaches, soldiers and tanks in the streets, the Battle of Britain and those spectacular dogfights, the Blitz and masses of shrapnel to collect, searchlights lighting up the night sky, American servicemen appearing and their inexhaustible supplies of chewing gum! From Dunkirk to D-Day, through Doodlebugs to Victory, there was hardly a dull moment and remarkably little fear for children as they learned, collected and played under these bizarre circumstances.

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