Churchill's School for Saboteurs

Churchill's School for Saboteurs

El Alamein

El Alamein

Doodlebugs, Gas Masks & Gum

Children's Voices from the Second World War

Publication Date15th November 2008

Book FormatPaperback





From Dunkirk to D-Day, through Doodlebugs to Victory, there was hardly a dull moment and remarkably little fear for us children as we learned, collected and played, having a normal childhood under these bizarre circumstances.

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Six years of conflict, where military manoeuvres, bombs and exhortations to greater dedication to the War Effort were a daily staple, became the normality of our childhood after September 3rd 1939. For young children, this was a time of great excitement. Imagine the thrill of: Anderson shelters built in back gardens; Concrete blocks and barbed wire sprouting on beaches; Soldiers and tanks in the streets; The Battle of Britain and those spectacular dogfights; The Blitz and masses of shrapnel to collect; Searchlights lighting up the night sky; American servicemen appearing and their inexhaustible supplies of chewing gum.

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