Testament of War

Testament of War

Whispering Walls

Whispering Walls

Wirral at War

Series: At War

Publication Date15th June 2022

Book FormatPaperback





Wirral at War is a tribute to the wartime record of the people of the Wirral in the two World Wars.
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The Wirral Peninsula in north-west England experienced the tragedies and hardships of war at first hand during the two world wars. Many residents lost their lives in the conflicts both in active combat throughout the world and as a result of the Wirral being a target in itself, particularly around the docks and Birkenhead and Wallasey in the Second World War. Both wars had a devastating effect on local communities through the loss of life, the destruction of familiar places through intensive aerial bombing that in large areas destroyed or damaged virtually all of the buildings, the evacuation of children and the hardships experienced at home. Many served on ships keeping the vital routes from the docks open, the anti-aircraft batteries defending the docks in the Mersey, or on the RAF airfields on the Wirral. In this book, historian and author Mike Royden has captured the tribulations of the times, telling the stories of many local men, women and children during these trying periods.

Wirral at War pays tribute to the people of this region who served, died and lived through the two world wars, and how they managed to endure in the face of the horrors of conflict.

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