To Win a War

To Win a War

The Fate of Nations

The Fate of Nations

Into The Abyss

The Story of the First World War, Volume One

Publication Date15th June 2018

Book FormatPaperback





The most accessible popular account of the First World War: 'A worthy counterpoint to Hew Strachan's magisterial three-volume scholarly project' PUBLISHERS WEEKLY
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This remarkable account tells the story of how, in its first two years, the First World War reduced Europe's mightiest empires to rubble, and cracked the foundations of the world.

On a summer day in 1914, a nineteen-year-old Serbian nationalist gunned down Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo. In less than a month, a combination of ambition, deceit, fear, jealousy, missed opportunities and miscalculation sent Austro-Hungarian troops marching into Serbia, German troops streaming toward Paris, and a vast Russian army into war, with Britain as her ally.

No one could guess what lay ahead: years of slaughter, physical and moral exhaustion, and the near collapse of a civilization that until that moment had dominated the globe.

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