Hospital Ships & Troop Transport of the First World War

Hospital Ships & Troop Transport of the First World War

I Survived the Somme

I Survived the Somme

How to Fly a Plane

The First World War Pilot's Manual

Series: How to ...

Publication Date15th April 2014

Book FormatPaperback





How do you fly a Sop with Camel? Or a Bristol Bulldog? Captain Horatio Barber, the first man to make a cargo flight in the world, tells you how.
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The training aid for many a pilot from one of the leading instructors of the First World War. There are 160 pages with many illustrations of leading aircraft of the period. Chock full of handy tips for the budding aviator. Nothing could ready you for the world of combat, where pilots' lives were measured in hours rather than years, but Captain Barber of the Royal Flying Corps could prepare you for your first solo flight in the primitive aircraft of the time. Taking you through the various types, he shows you how to fly a First World War biplane.

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