First World War in the Air

First World War in the Air

German and Austro-Hungarian Aircraft Manufacturers 1908-1918

German and Austro-Hungarian Aircraft Manufacturers 1908-1918

First World War The Postcard Collection

Series: The Postcard Collection

Publication Date15th October 2014

Book FormatPaperback





A fascinating selection of postcards encapsulates the war to end all wars.
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The Great War (1914-1918), later known as the First World War, brought together the major European countries and their empires into the world’s greatest conflict so far seen. Over 70 million people worldwide were mobilised into military service with 10 million of these service personnel killed in action and a further 7 million civilians also killed. This total death toll made up 1 per cent of the world’s population at the time.

The war occurred at the heyday of the postcard as a social media. This book looks at the role of the postcard in the war, both as a propaganda tool by the authorities and also as a communication means between friends and family split apart by the war. The once valued postcards holding the image of a loved one now often only show an anonymous fighter with no details of who they were or what their outcome was, while the censored scenes of trenches and battlefields hide the true horrors of the fighting and the scenes witnessed.

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