Fighter Pilot

Fighter Pilot

Waterloo Voices 1815

Waterloo Voices 1815

The Double Life of Fidel Castro

The Hidden World of Cuba's Greatest Leader

Publication Date15th August 2017

Book FormatPaperback





The secrets behind one of the world's most secretive dictators. Fidel Castro's life from revolutionary to being one of the wealthiest leaders in the world
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There are few living international figures who fascinate the world more than Fidel Castro. He is at once an infamous historical figure, a modern-day politician and one of the last of his kind. From the leader of a revolution to one who has been accused of dictatorship, exploiting the power of his position to become one of the wealthiest leaders in the world, Fidel Castro’s life away from the public eye has remained largely unscrutinised.

Despite the world’s long-standing desire to know more, biographers have thus far barely scratched the surface of Castro’s life and reign. No one with any real knowledge or intimacy of Castro has ever been able to come forward to tell their story – partly because so few people can claim that distinction, and partly because the few who can would never make it out of Cuba. At long last, though, at the end of Castro’s life, someone has. Juan Sanchez, former personal chaperone to Castro and, later, fugitive from the vindictive regime, offers a shocking exposure of the man to whom he was devoted for seventeen years – a man whose secret life is entirely different from the facade he presents to the people of Cuba.

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