Blade Slap: A Year with the RAF Chinook Display Team

Blade Slap: A Year with the RAF Chinook Display Team

Surrey's Military Heritage

Surrey's Military Heritage

Coventry's Military Heritage

Series: Military Heritage

Publication Date15th July 2019

Book FormatPaperback





Explore the military heritage of Coventry from medieval times to the present day, in this illustrated guide.
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Coventry’s military heritage goes back to the Middle Ages. Coventry Castle was built by the Earl of Chester in the early twelfth century, fought over during the civil war in King Stephen’s reign, and demolished afterwards, although one tower remains as part of the Guildhall. In the later medieval period Coventry grew into one of the leading cities of England and continued to thrive in the Industrial Revolution as a centre of industry. Coventry was held by the Parliamentarians in the Civil War and during the Napoleonic Wars a barracks was built in the city, remaining in use until the early twentieth century.

A major munitions producer during the First World War, the city sent many young soldiers to fight abroad in the conflict while thousands of women worked in the factories. During the Second World War it was a leading centre of motor vehicles, aviation and armaments manufacturing and became the target for German aerial bombing campaigns. The Blitz destroyed a large part of the historic city, including the cathedral, but the city was reborn after the war and is a thriving major city in the West Midlands today. This book will be of interest to all those wishing to know more about the military heritage of Coventry.

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