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Weston-Super-Mare and the Aeroplane

Publication Date15th February 2010

Book FormatHardback





The first book to tell the full story of the association that Weston-super-Mare had with the aeroplane.
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Weston-super-Mare and the Aeroplane 1910-2010 is the first book to provide a comprehensive account of the association between Weston-super-Mare and the aeroplane over the last one hundred years. The authors cover a broad range of topics including: the pioneering aviators who visited Weston-super-Mare before the Great War, the joy riding outfits and aerial circuses that visited the town in the 1930s, as well as the laying down of Weston Airport for Norman Edgar Ltd and its subsequent take over by the Straight Corporation and the general expansion that ensued. The authors also explore the impact of the war and how it impacted upon Norman Edgar Ltd and consider the company's post-war entry into aircraft manufacturing and the various post-war flying clubs.

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