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Gloucester in 50 Buildings

Gloucester in 50 Buildings

Frampton Remembers World War I

Publication Date15th July 2016

Book FormatHardback





Inspired by the Gloucestershire Remembers WW1 project, this book looks into the effects of the First World War on the village and its inhabitants.
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Frampton Remembers World War I tells the story of a Gloucestershire village during the First World War, and how its inhabitants individually and collectively contributed towards victory. Much of what happened in Frampton on Severn was replicated throughout Britain, but in Frampton, the need to supply government contracts meant the building of a new milk processing factory and an influx of British troops and German prisoners of war.

The stories of Frampton's men and women who served throughout the world in numerous capacities are told. Many at home were employed on war work and also gave their time to fundraising and making items as part of the general war effort. Schoolchildren also played their part by working on the land and picking fruit.

The poem below was written by a schoolboy connected with the Frampton Remembers WWI project and reflects the importance of ensuring that future generations understand the sacrifices made by our forebears 100 years ago.

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