A-Z of Wakefield

A-Z of Wakefield

Illustrated Tales of Yorkshire

Illustrated Tales of Yorkshire

A-Z of Sheffield


Series: A-Z

Publication Date15th March 2019

Book FormatPaperback





Explore the fascinating history of Sheffield in this fully illustrated A-Z guide to the city's people and places.
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The city of Sheffield has long had a worldwide reputation as ‘Steel City’, the home of steel products of every description from cutlery to special steels for the nuclear, petrochemical and aerospace industries. But this city of more than half a million people contains much more than the evidence of its industrial past and present. From the Lower Don valley in the east, the city extends into the hills and up the river valleys that stretch from the Pennine hills and moors and in this largely post-industrial age it has gained the reputation of being Britain’s greenest city with woodlands, moorlands, parks, gardens and other open spaces that are the envy of other urban areas. It is a city studded with remarkable evidence of its past stretching into the prehistoric period.

Well-known local authors Melvyn and Joan Jones take the reader on a fascinating alphabetical tour of Sheffield: its places, its people and its history. Illustrated with 100 photographs, it should be of lasting interest to long-established residents and to relative newcomers alike.
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