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Farnham at Work

People and Industries Through the Years

Series: At Work

Publication Date15th February 2024

Book FormatPaperback





Farnham at Work is a fascinating pictorial history of the working life of the town of Farnham in the last hundred and more years.
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Farnham in Surrey, with its Norman castle and lying on a major route, was an important market town in the Middle Ages. The town’s prosperity was also based on its proximity to Winchester and its trade in wheat, wool and pottery. Wool was also woven and fulled in Farnham. A large-scale brickworks used the ample supply of clay in the town. As the wheat market declined in the eighteenth century, hop growing took over and wealth generated led to the building of the Georgian streets that are still a feature of Farnham today. Farming and basket weaving with local willow continued to provide a living for many working on the land around Farnham, but the coming of the railways in the nineteenth century brought more people and new trades into the town, and some of the shops opened at that time still exist today. Farnham was home to early motor car manufacturing and also developed as a craft centre. The town is now a popular centre for visitors and has provided the location for a number of feature films in recent years.

Farnham at Work explores the working life of this town in Surrey and its people and the trades, businesses and industries that have characterised it through the ages. This book will appeal to all those with an interest in the history of Farnham.

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