Abandoned & Vanished Canals of Ireland, Scotland and Wales

Abandoned & Vanished Canals of Ireland, Scotland and Wales

Scottish Railway Icons: Central Belt to the Borders

Scottish Railway Icons: Central Belt to the Borders

Industrial Locomotives & Railways of Scotland

Series: Industrial Locomotives & Railways of ...

Publication Date15th October 2019

Book FormatPaperback





Explores the industrial and minor railways of Scotland. Following on from 'Industrial Locomotives & Railways of North East England', Gordon Edgar uses his excellent collection of photographs to explore these fascinating railways and their locomotives.
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This is the ninth volume in the ten-part series of regional books examining the industrial railways of England, Scotland and Wales. Like elsewhere in Britain, changes have been far-reaching in industry, and Scotland has certainly suffered considerably in recent decades with the loss of its traditional coal mining, steel and manufacturing industries, especially many of those that were once located around its Central Belt.

The diversity of the locomotives and the railways that once served industry in Scotland is a fascinating and neglected subject, and both standard and narrow gauge systems, most of which no longer survive today, are covered within the pages of this book. The author presents an array of striking images, both in colour and black and white, that strive to include some feel for the locations being studied, covering the broad spectrum of industrial railways that once existed in Scotland.

These mostly previously unpublished photographs, accompanied by detailed captions, reflect the changing face of Scottish industry over the last six decades or so. As the title suggests, this book is chiefly about Scotland’s industrial railways and its locomotives, many actually constructed in Scotland, but this work is also a sad reminder of how much our traditional industries have contracted, or have even been lost entirely over this period, either through globalisation of manufacturing, or the importation of commodities at a cheaper market rate than could have been obtained at home.
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