Locomotives of the Highland Railway

Locomotives of the Highland Railway

Montrose The Postcard Collection

Montrose The Postcard Collection

Locomotives of the North Eastern Railway

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Publication Date15th March 2014

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A contemporary account of the NER's locomotives covering the company's formative years from 1841 up to the re-grouping of 1923. Originally published over 90 years ago this new edition isfully illustrated with line drawings and photographs.
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The successor to the Stockton & Darlington, the North Eastern Railway was an important pre-grouping company covering a relatively compact territory which included Yorkshire, County Durham and Northumberland, with outposts stretching into Cumbria and even Scotland. Five men held the post of the Locomotive Superintendent including the Wordsall brothers. An innovative company, the NER introduced Bo-Bo type electric locomotives in 1905, and the peak of its locomotive development came with the big S2 Pacific express engine built by Sir Vincent Raven at Darlington in 1922. Many of their steam locomotives were handed over to the LNER in the 1923 grouping of Britain's independent companies. Today there are eleven preserved examples of NER locos including several built by the LNER to their designs. This fascinating account of the NER's locomotives, originally published in 1923 is profusely illustrated with over 50 line drawings and many contemporary photographs.
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