Peterborough Through Time

Peterborough Through Time

Soham & Wicken Through Time

Soham & Wicken Through Time

Peterborough Through Time A Second Selection

A Second Selection

Series: Through Time

Publication Date15th February 2011

Book FormatPaperback





This fascinating second selection of photographs traces some of the many ways in which Peterborough has changed and developed over the last century.
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This second volume takes you on another fascinating journey through this city's history, which once bore the name of Medeshamstead until 992 when it was changed to Burgh. Thus Burgh in conjunction with St Peter became Peterborough or the Burgh of St Peter. What is interesting about the area on which the city grew is that Stone Age man was here, as were the Celts and the Romans, who wrought iron, raised roads and drained the Fens. The city is currently designated by the Government as part of the London-Stansted-Cambridge growth corridor. It is also destined to be one of four environment capitals - leading the way in recycling and eco-friendly energy. Today's success has its roots in yesterday's, so this volume aims to tell some of the history of the city with insight and affection but also with some fascinating illustrations from the past and present.

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