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A-Z of Aylesbury


Series: A-Z

Publication Date15th October 2019

Book FormatPaperback





An engaging exploration of Aylesbury highlighting the people, places and heritage of Buckinghamshire's county town.
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The inviting Buckinghamshire town of Aylesbury has far more to offer than just the well-known Aylesbury duck. The Romans, Anglo-Saxons, Danes, and all other conquering invaders have left the echoes of their voices in this ancient town’s history, which can still be heard today in its streets and its quirky squares. Situated on the great Roman road of Akeman Street, Aylesbury became an important trading centre through the ages. It was declared the new county town of Buckinghamshire by Henry VIII in 1529.

A–Z of Aylesbury offers an engaging insight into the places, events and famous sons and daughters across the centuries as well as people associated with the town, including the author Roald Dahl, the nineteenth-century Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli and the comedian Ronnie Barker. The author takes readers on a guided tour through local history ranging from an Iron Age hill fort and the Battle of Aylesbury in 1642 to the art installation commemorating David Bowie’s appearance in the town in the 1970s where he debuted Ziggy Stardust. Readers will also discover the intriguing stories behind some of the characterful inns and historic buildings of the town including the Corn Exchange and the Derby Arms.

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