Agent Rose

Agent Rose

Behind Castle Walls at Sudeley Past and Present

Behind Castle Walls at Sudeley Past and Present

The Battle for Stow

Publication Date15th March 2010

Book FormatPaperback





Highlighting modern day battles, against the backdrop of a bloody historical conflict.
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England has been at peace for as long as most people can remember - but there are still battles being waged in its towns and villages. Nearly 400 years ago Sir Jacob Astley set out for Oxford from the town of Bridgnorth with a small army raised from Wales and the West. He was the king's last hope in a disastrous civil war. But Astley did not reach the Royalist capital. His force was attacked by Parliamentarian forces near to Stow on the Wold where the survivors were locked in the local church and where blood fl owed through the streets. In today's battles there is little or no bloodshed - though blood pressure sometimes runs dangerously high. In this book, the historic Battle of Stow provides the backcloth to the battles of today - battles that are taking place in many communities across the country. These are the battles waged between residents and their politicians, between ordinary people and big business, between the locals and the incomers, between those with roots and those who are just passing through. Here the foot soldiers are more likely to wield a pen or placard versus the pike or musket of the seventeenth century.

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