A Nun and the Pig: Tales from South Africa

A Nun and the Pig: Tales from South Africa

Nursing Churchill

Nursing Churchill

Love with No Tomorrow

Tales of Romance During the Holocaust

Publication Date15th September 2021

Book FormatHardback





Love with No Tomorrow shares a spark of light by sharing true love stories of the Holocaust. This heart-wrenching book uses hundreds of hours of interviews with survivors and their children to present first-hand accounts of the relationships that blossomed in extermination camps, sparking hope in the darkest of times.
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Love at first sight. During the Holocaust. Bonds as strong as steel, forged in the flames of hate.

These are extraordinary stories of love affairs during the most dangerous, degrading, and deadly conditions of genocidal persecution. The extreme lengths to which two people will go to express their love, and the superhuman strength that is derived from such love, is the stuff of miracles and endless inspiration.

This little-known aspect of the Holocaust, seen through the eyes of those in love, is a unique contribution to our understanding of the best and the worst qualities of human nature. This book must be read by anyone who wants to know more about life and love enduring the most horrendous conditions one could imagine.

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